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I blog about topics that interest me. These topics will include  an eclectic mix of statistics, economics, politics, and philosophy. My background is in Statistics and Accountancy.  I have also taught in higher and further education.

I hope my posts will be brief, to the point, interesting, accurate and illuminating. Comments are welcome.

More on saving, investment and income

The following builds on the preceding blog about chapter 6 of Keynes’s General Theory. It seeks to clarify the Keynesian framework for measuring national income and to give further clarity to the meaning of income, saving, and investment. Keynes’s closed-economy analysis, as set out in chapter 6 of his General Theory, will be extended to … Continue reading

Transmitting economic ideas

The table below demonstrates how a nation’s GDP is determined. The table contains specimen transactions. Not all of a nation’s transactions relevant to GDP determination are included, just a sample. The table reveals the logic behind GDP determination and the role of the actors. It’s worth noting immediately that the government is a producer of … Continue reading

Is the UK’s tax burden too high?

Introduction On December 2 2018, Jacob Rees-Mogg tweeted “The tax burden is too high”. His assertion derived from an analysis of historical data undertaken by the Taxpayers’ Alliance (TPA) which had been commissioned by the Sunday Telegraph. The TPA reported that the tax to GDP ratio had reached a new high of 34.6%, breaking the … Continue reading